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Copper Fit® BALANCE is the premium, full-length orthotic insole crafted to improve stability, posture and alignment. Podiatrist designed, BALANCE cradles your feet in superior comfort1 while helping to keep your feet properly aligned. BALANCE helps reduce foot and body aches and pains2, relieve plantar fasciitis strains3, and correct mild to moderate over-pronation4.

Your performance — how fast, how hard, and how long you can push yourself without crashing — depends largely upon the comfort of your feet and the alignment of your body. Nothing puts you on the sidelines faster than foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip, even lower back pain.

Copper Fit® BALANCE can help you stay in the game.

Improved comfort1. Improved stability5. Improved control4. Improved performance6.

Feel the power of Copper Fit® BALANCE. Live Limitless.

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